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The following firm works in several areas: family law, division, divorce, paternity denial, lower case, change the conditions of separation and divorce, family law, European law, criminal family (non-compliance with the obligations of family help, Art. 570 criminal code) cohabitation agreements, corporate counsel, corporate law, intellectual property, medical negligence. Provides industry legal advice in Italy.

The following firm is organized into three areas: Department of Family Law (separation, divorce, stalking, shared custody), Information Technology, Real Estate, sale yacht), Department of Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, television, copyright, privacy) Department of Corporate Law and Real Estate (commercial contracts, rental income, corporate agreements, due diligence, franchising, assignments provided by lawyers who are part of the: Council of Rome (elected 3903 with personal preferences); Searches Family Law and Minors Managers and Organizer of the Department of Children and Family Law Council of Rome. Leaders and organizers of the Department of Corporate Law and Industrial Council of Rome, members of the Scientific Committee of the Confederation of Christian Lawyers, Executives Territorial District Court of Appeal of Rome of the National Christians Lawyers; Conciliators Company certificated under Legislative Decree no. 5/2003. Directors of the National Lawyers (AGIT). National Secretaries Association of Lawyers Romans. Councilors for the Protection of Human Rights. What is the Consensual Division? The consensual division is the separation of the spouses happens by agreement of the parties.

The affinity to somehow find the agreement must encompass the conditions laid down by the spouses - usually involve the child support, the allocation of the marital home, child custody, division of assets owned by spouses or other matters of interest. How do I apply for consensual division? The demand for separation by mutual agreement must be submitted to the ordinary civil court where there was the last residence of the spouses.

By delivery of the application signed by both spouses (which can be defended both by a single lawyer) asks the President of the Court 's opportunity to set the session for the presentation of the spouses before the President acting the Court (the so-called presidential hearing). Validate. As the agreement signed by the spouses on the division may be valid it needs to be approved by the Court hearing the case. Therefore, an agreement between the spouses without validation does not give rise to anything other than a simple separation of fact, devoid of legal outcomes.

What kind of documents must be accompanied by: 1. Extract of Marriage (issued by the municipality of the place of celebration) Use separation 2. Documents of residence of both spouses use separation 3. Family status of both spouses use separation 4. Payment of the contribution Unified € 37. What happens when the agreement contains arrangements contrary to the law? The agreement of the spouses in relation to the custody and maintenance of children.


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When contrasts and inevitable quarrels starts between the spouses and continuous discomfort in understanding with the spouse, that is the unanimous will to settle the separation is seen as the only way out of this difficult situation, it is certainly useful to ask an opinion of an expert in the area, then a lawyer specializing in family matters, regardless of the firm already matured to continue with the question of separation: avoiding both threads that quarrels, and thinking first of the custody of children and the children involved, an appointment is very approximate important to give the customer 's impression of not being alone in confronting the problem.

But we must appeal to a qualified attorney to family matters, given that family law is an area where you have to bear a lot of attention, not only for the skill of the demands, but also for the kind of approach that involves: the law firm in this point of view, it offers to all its customers with a calmness and a method in respect and support especially to the children, of course most affected by divorce or separation of their parents.

When you decide to want to entrust to a guide (i.e. represented by a lawyer) you can determine the appropriate action to be applied, deciding together the various procedures, and directing the customer to a specific choice, that is, of a separation agreement or court, in depending on the specific circumstances and the potential of analyzing an agreement with the other spouse. It is also true that the technical decisions for the best management practice are aware of the law, but every individual steps will be explained to the customer by the law firm of Milan - Rome, so that they are always aware of their situation.

Therefore starts the path of separation, there are some squabbles to decide relevant to the economic and financial aspects, i.e. on the future life of spouses and children, the constraints continue to implement the mode of fulfillment of these constraints, and by saying the firm will work with the customer on the choice and appropriate composition of these orders, protecting the tracks on a priority basis related to the management of the relationship between each parent and the children.

Certainly the shared custody, has created a conclusion in the resolution of relationships between parents and children, but nevertheless, it did not solve all the problems, so if today, in most cases, you should not fight the crux of the case, must still define an order of reciprocal relationships that offers the practical implementation of the bi-parenting, ensuring the personal and property relations between spouses, between parents and children, the provision of home and family maintenance obligations.

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