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All the complicated phases of separation and divorce involve difficult times and confuse. For this reason we provide our clients with all our services using as always the utmost seriousness and skill, legal authorities and all information to guide them through this process. All professionals work on the office throughout the country. In addition, the law firm is also a network that carries out its operations across the country, providing the ability to separate or divorce costs much cheaper than those offered by the market.

All this because the firm carries on business for a long time in the area of family law and simplified and direct to provide end guarantee and offer a great savings to the customers, not to miss anything to our service. In family law, you have to have an expert who is only concerned with this specific matter and this is represented by marriage advocate that is a figure that is specialized and qualified that deals with legal advice on separation, divorce, family mediation, child custody , cohabitation agreements, adoptions, changes in the conditions of separation and family mediation.

The figure of marriage lawyer is not accomplished through a formal ability but is the result of a certain attitude required in the area of family law and matrimonial. Therefore, as mentioned earlier it is good that the lawyer had a career and optimal educational. Both practice and the different courses of modernization of this utility are won lawyer who chooses this "practice" a maturity and experience in the area of family law that may be an excellent guarantee of competence for potential clients.

This assistance is needed and is thick aggregate only to put an end to the marriage, even if it is a convenient figure to know and take their rights and duties relating to a marriage bed and/or family law. Among its many facets, a lawyer wedding and in his report, will clearly exert its users, what are the rights and obligations of both and recommend the solution to go.

The lawyer, moreover, should clarify the difference between a crystalline type of judicial separation and separation by mutual consent, in the case if the parties decide to end their love relationship. The lawyer is also called for marriage, family, minors or divorce. The firm carries on business for years with meticulous attention to the civil law, especially to family law, having learned enormous experience and consolidating far his own inclinations through seminars, continuous updates, masters and national conventions.

The site provides users with a number of news, features and information on the work, in order to draw more deeply and understandably everything we do and first of all what we can do for you. The firm operates throughout the District Court of Appeal of Milan and helps thanks to the support in the work of many experts of domiciliary and qualified consultants in various areas of the firm that is composed of: strengthened skills in years the law firm of Milan in sensitive and important subject of family law and child grants to provide consultancy and legal assistance in relation to all cases reported the world of family and affection, paying particular attention to issues observing the stages in its assessment of the parent-child relationship, whether legitimate or natural, the denial of paternity, the recognition of the natural child, the use of persons of legal age, the legal and consensual separation, divorce, the end of the civil effects of marriage, the assistance of the rights of access, the determination of maintenance and divorce, judicial notice of paternity and maternity, the legitimation of natural children, custody and family adoptions, the claim legitimacy, the declaration of legitimacy, the employment of persons under the age limit, the processing under the conditions of separation or divorce, and finally disqualified, incapacitated and appoint a support for the people who pay in exclusive with disabilities.

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