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Family and discipline law is very important and should not be underestimated and Trafficking in an exclusively composite ranging from organizing pleadings, such as complaints and/or lawsuits, preparatory to the implementation of criminal faces patrolling the most common crimes against the family support and the person employed by the criminal code, which for purposes of illustration: non-fulfillment of the obligations of family support, family violence, abuse, injury, threats and stalking (so-called stalking), up to help criminal at the hearing of those who, as people offended by the crime, have a civil penalty in the development brought against the author of the crime, to obtain compensation for damage to property, arising from the unlawful criminal existential and moral.

"When it comes to the moment of separation is important to contact a lawyer who, for his professionalism and maturity gained in the particular area of family law has the concreteness required to assess the fragile family issues related to separation". "When the spouses agree to separate is always good to think that the figure of the child must stop the division of the family as loving relationships between parents and children, instead you should be aware, especially for the exclusive good of the children, who runs only the marital relationship ", the law Firm has a long established tradition of working family, gained in Venice since the unification of Italy and especially in the last generation on insurance law and both commercial and recreational navigation, shipping and transport, port and customs law and international trade.

After the recent engagement of new professionals, the firm is now more able to care for each topic and out of court in Civil and Commercial Matters, with exclusive regard to niche specialties such as the European contract law, copyright and intellectual property and the canon law of marriage. The firm can count on a network of national correspondents of the highest level as well as international correspondents throughout Europe and the Mediterranean area and in the vast majority of non-European countries more developed.

All lawyers have an excellent knowledge of the English language. In January 2011 a new studio in the Scientific Technology Park  in Venice - Marghera was opened. Activity All subjects: Insurance Law, Maritime Law and Shipping Law, transport and shipping, inheritance law, property law and other real rights, family rights, canonical marriage law, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Law of Obligations and contracts.

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english-speaking-lawyer-italyOur law firm works mainly in branches of commercial law and related primarily oriented to the business world, the areas of activity, as discussed in the section, are manifold. The size of the firm allows you to combine a highly skilled counseling, appropriate and qualified a strong characterization of the service provided to customers, offering the participation of at least one of the partners, alongside the volunteers, to all the practices assigned to the property: tags: italian lawyers, lawyer rome, lawyer milan, law firm in italy, divorce, child custody, trial, rape, fraud, will, liability, english speaking, maritime attorney, solicitor, counsel, remedy, barrister, advocate, real estate, criminal, compensation. email: