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The international law firm is a part of major national and international associations and can provide each customer with a strong legal assistance in Italy and all foreign on any case, ensuring an extended care of all the Italian and European territory (also has a list of contact in other continents).

Knowledge acquired (international lawyer) by various experts together is the result of many years of mutual perception and contribution. Thanks to the constant help from several independent partners.

The law firm can nowadays work in different specialist areas and features a wide range of services, from traditional legal services to consultancy work. The law firm, which carries out its work primarily in civil, commercial, bankruptcy, dir. family, also provides the support of external experts, competent in other areas of law, such as criminal law, administrative law, tax law, notaries, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, in public and private international law. International law can be specified as the right "of the community of states." Similar composite of rules you set up above the state, flowing from the union with the other states, and the state with its own rules, including the constitution, guarantees to respect it.

Feature ergo, international law is that it is 'international', i.e. its behavior on a variety of states or places not ordered by the national legislation, such as the sea and the cosmos. Its aim is to forge a single company fair, peaceful and non-violent, the values of the basic purposes are broadly civil, economic and social, expressed in institutions and introduced in circuits suitable as peace the protection of human rights etc.. So school is (assistance in Spanish, Italian) made a distinction between public international law and private.

With private determines the set of legal rules governing state private law relationships that show the differences, or contact points (citizenship, place of performance of the report, where the goods are located, etc..) with foreign legal systems. Thus, e.g. the concentration of the rules of private international law includes the identification of the legal system adaptable to a contract established abroad by an Italian citizen with a foreigner.

The division between public international law and private international law, however, is misleading. The Private International Law, although the name of international, is made up of all of the rules of law, that is, specific to a state order (promulgated in the manner laid down by the State itself) that clarify the conflict between the ordering of the different legal systems adaptable to the same report, where there are links to more than one national legislation. For this reason we speak of conflict rules.

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english-speaking-lawyer-italyOur law firm works mainly in branches of commercial law and related primarily oriented to the business world, the areas of activity, as discussed in the section, are manifold. The size of the firm allows you to combine a highly skilled counseling, appropriate and qualified a strong characterization of the service provided to customers, offering the participation of at least one of the partners, alongside the volunteers, to all the practices assigned to the property: tags: italian lawyers, lawyer rome, lawyer milan, law firm in italy, divorce, child custody, trial, rape, fraud, will, liability, english speaking, maritime attorney, solicitor, counsel, remedy, barrister, advocate, real estate, criminal, compensation. email: