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Tag:lawyers barrister rome

Tag:lawyers barrister rome

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Lawyer in Italy | Family Law and Succession in Italy

The marital infidelity, may be due for repayment? This does not happen often, but there are problems such that they can later cause psychic damage, or if they are accompanied by attitudes objectively offensive, have given, judicial experience, even large redemptions. This can be called freely from the fact that it is going to cause separation or divorce, or those cases have already been defined, because it involves issues of their own.

The law firm offers with its qualified and experienced lawyers advice and help in every branch of the civil law, in particular in family law (separation, divorce, regulation and dissolution of cohabitation, paternity and custody of minor children, disavowal and recognition of paternity and maternity), adoption, juvenile law, property and real rights, labor law, agricultural law, bankruptcy law, arbitration, criminal law, prison, legal domicile, inheritance, prohibitions, disqualifications, management support, evictions, leases and condominium issues, contracts, debt collection, social security law, accidents and damages. The skills learned in these many years by the Law Firm is the guarantee of legal action seriously and efficiently.

Whether it is to assist a law not respected, which anticipate dangerous trouble with a good contract, at the Law Firm is available to customers with all the concentration essential to address the complexities. Separations and divorces, crimes of environment building, financial, bankruptcy, environmental, military and accidents in work ... all sections of the law have lawyers at the law firm for a specific response and an targeted indication, and the ability to be protected in the courts of Italy. In the evolution of the processes involving the custody of minor children, the advice is geared to view most familiar, with specific regard to the protection and the needs of such minor children inevitably involved in parental conflict.

The advice provided by the Firm is also incorporated with the cooperation of psychologists and psychotherapists outside, who can help and give support to couples in examining the complicated stage of separation/divorce. Family Law and Succession. The law firm also deals with the right to family and children in every respect, providing consultancy in the area of divorce by mutual consent and judicial.

Divorce or joint. Abolition in the area of civil law. Nuptial agreement (joint estate - legal separation of assets - capital fund) and inherent dissolution. Legitimate and natural filiation. Approval of illegitimate children and their appeals. Evolution in respect of parental responsibility and custody. Adoptions Disqualifications - disqualifications - guardianship - management support. Food rights, succession and hereditary divisions. Appeals wills. Inventories – donations.

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english-speaking-lawyer-italyOur law firm works mainly in branches of commercial law and related primarily oriented to the business world, the areas of activity, as discussed in the section, are manifold. The size of the firm allows you to combine a highly skilled counseling, appropriate and qualified a strong characterization of the service provided to customers, offering the participation of at least one of the partners, alongside the volunteers, to all the practices assigned to the property: tags: italian lawyers, lawyer rome, lawyer milan, law firm in italy, divorce, child custody, trial, rape, fraud, will, liability, english speaking, maritime attorney, solicitor, counsel, remedy, barrister, advocate, real estate, criminal, compensation. email: alessandrotirelli@yahoo.it